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How does fablab actually function?


How does Fablab actually function? So I have an idea of something I would like to make, what do I do next, have a meeting discuss the idea? What tasks are the inventors supposed to do, what will Fablab do? It uses time and resources, so there must be fee’s involved or is this covered by the Fachhochschule. Also is the service also available to Fachhochschule staff?


Dave Watts

A FabLab actually doesn’t “function” on its own… It’s even a bit difficult to precisely define what a FabLab is. It largely depends on what the users of the FabLab make of it.
I think that the Wikipeadia page on Hackerspace decribes a bit better than the original page what a FabLab is: “a community-operated workspace where people with common interests […] can meet, socialize and collaborate”. While Hackerspaces typically focus a bit more on computers and software, a FabLab typically offers more machining capabilities like CNC mills, lathes, laser cutters, etc. and is less software and computing centric.

Anyway, if you want to make something in such an open-space, you will mostly have to do that on your own. Which doesn’t mean that you won’t find help - not at all! For most of the machines in such a space, you will find someone who is already more experienced using it than you will probably be - and they will be happy to help you. But they won’t take over any of the tasks or jobs, that you as an inventor or maker need to do to make your project successful.

What the FabLab in Lübeck offers is an excelent set of tools and a lot of enthusiasts. But actually no staff that will do your work for you. You will have to waste your own time and resources :wink: and only pay a very small usage-fee for the machines.

And finally: the FabLab equipment is not only available to the Fachhochschule Students and Staff but to everyone who is willing to collaborate in the open workshop.

3 „Gefällt mir“

I also recommend you the following documentary:

2 „Gefällt mir“

Great I will watch it later, just one more question that I could not find an answer to on the fablab website, what days and times are you open?

Usually, we’re open on Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. This day is called “OpenLab-Day”.

In addition to that, there are our SelfLab opening hours: They will be [announced here][1] at the Community Portal.

This is our leisure time, there we won’t offer any guidance at tours or machinery introductions. It’s required, to already got an documented machinery introduction on Thursdays. You’ll see this at you’re profile page under badges / “Abzeichen”.

After that, feel free to stay with us and work on you’re own projects at the devices you’re allowed to work with. Or simply help us with cleaning up, sorting materials or collaborating with other members. :sunny: :palm_tree: :sunglasses:
[1]: http://forum.fablab-luebeck.de/c/fablab-luebeck/selflabs

You will find the schedule following the “Termine & Workshops” link on the Fablab Website. The Fablab will be opened every thursday from 15h-19h (3pm-7pm).

Gosh! that’s not much time to develop a new product

You probably should be well prepared before visiting us :wink:

CAD construction, finding the right materials, software development, PCB design and last but not least regulatory affairs are very time intensive processes. Our focus is at most on Rapid Prototyping :clock1: